Reception B’s wellie day

Reception B children had a lovely day despite the very wet start! We spent the morning planting petunias and hollyhocks. This afternoon we had a wonderful time planting out our sunflowers in really big troughs and sweeping up lots of fallen catkins. We discovered lots of minibeasts living in the back garden and some children really enjoyed holding them very gently. The children also helped to clear some of the weed from our pond area, do some weeding of the flowers beds and we all had a great time enjoying our super sensory garden.

We hope that you have a super weekend,

The Foundation Stage Team

Friday 7th May NSPCC Number Day

Staff and children have all had a great day! We have played many games involving, counting, recognising numerals and using the patterns on both dice and dominoes.

We hope your children can tell you about some of the activities that they have taken part in. Perhaps they could look for numbers and continue some games over the weekend.

All classes have continued to study our not so little caterpillars and we have all shared different stories by Eric Carle.

NSPCC Number Day

Tomorrow is our NSPCC Number Day. The children are invited to come in dressed as a digit, wear a t-shirt or clothing with numbers on, or design a t-shirt in the same way we do our Easter T-shirts.

The children are welcome to wear school uniform or home clothes on their bottom half – this is your choice.

Here is a photograph of children from another primary school from a previous NSPCC Number Day for inspiration.

We are very much looking forward to a fun filled day with the children tomorrow.

Many thanks for your ongoing support,

The Foundation Stage Team

Crunching Munching Caterpillars

We have had a great week in Reception, watching our new arrivals munch their way through their food and more than doubling in size! We have been learning all about the life cycle of a caterpillar and using Eric Carle’s classic story as a base for our sentence writing. Next week we will move on to looking at the features of non-fiction texts.

The caterpillars have grown so quickly.

In maths we have been exploring different ways of representing numbers to 20, and really enjoyed playing Bingo. Next week we will be going number mad all through the week, and playing games such as dominos and snakes and ladders.

We have been excited to see our sunflowers shoot too, and have been carefully watering and looking after them. Reception C had a great day in the garden. We did some weeding in the flower beds and planted some marigolds. We are hoping to plant our sunflowers in our garden when they get a bit bigger.

We are looking forward to our NSPCC numbers day next Friday, where we will be raising money for the great work of the NSPCC as well as playing lots and lots of number games. Remember children can come in with a number t-shirt and please bring £1.

Have a great long weekend!

The Reception Team

Our first week back!

We have has a beautiful sunny week. The children have loved using ‘The Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carle to support their reading and writing.

Each of the children have enjoyed planting their own seed – hopefully they will be able to tell you all about it as we have read and written instructions for how they did it. We have been nurturing our seeds all week and we are very excited about being able to see what happens to the seeds next!

In maths the children have been exploring numbers beyond 10, investigating how they are built using 10s frames, we have also explored estimating ‘more than 10’ or ‘less than 10’ and begun some work on subtraction using numbers beyond 10 too.

We hope that you all have a lovely weekend.

Take care and stay safe,

The Foundation Stage Team

Wellie Days for Term 5

Hello everybody,

These are the wellie days for this term:

Friday 30th April – Reception C

Friday 14th May – Reception B

Friday 21st May – Reception A

The children will be spending the majority of these days outside, gardening and exploring our beautiful sensory garden for extended learning and play. With this in mind please can the children come to school in old clothes and wellies on their particular day.

Thank you for your support with this,

The Foundation Stage Team

Happy Easter everyone!

We would like to wish all of our Foundation Stage children and families a very Happy Easter. We are so grateful for all of the support you have given the children throughout this challenging term. The children are definitely ready for a rest and very much deserve their visit from the Easter Bunny!

We finished our last day on a real high with our traditional Bure Park Easter T-shirt parades which the children really enjoyed.

Take care, stay safe and Happy Easter to you all.

The Foundation Stage Team 🙂

Bug Club

We would like to introduce you to Bug Club.  This is an online reading scheme that gives children an opportunity to read books personalised to their reading ability.   The Bug Club pupil world is where your children log in to read books allocated to them, whether at home or in class. It is also where they can access the rewards they earn when they complete all the activities in a book.  Please see the email from Integris to access the log in information.

Thank you

Exploring Spring

We have had a lovely time his week spotting the signs of spring. We started off going on a spring walk on Monday, finding new life everywhere! We spotted buds on trees, spring flowers such as daffodils and some blossom.

We bought some frogspawn into our classroom so we could watch the changes in the lifecycle of a frog. In just 5 days they have gone from spawn to tiny tadpoles, wriggling around. We have decided to put them back into the pond and keep a close eye for them making their final change into frogs.

We have also been keeping a keen eye on the chicks hatching, and we are excited to say they have all hatched now! Next week they will be visiting our classrooms.

Next week we will be thinking about Easter, learning new songs and making Easter pictures.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Reception Team

Reception A have had a very busy day in the garden. We have washed the pots and pans, swept the paths, raked up some leaves, started to weed the flower beds, planted some seeds and collected lots of sticks and stones to help build some bug hotels!

Gardening day for Reception C!

Just to remind you that tomorrow we are planning to spend the day in the back garden.

Please send your child into school in old clothes and wellies. (If we don’t already have wellies here).

A spare set of clothes would also be useful in case we get wet and muddy!

Thanks very much!

Reception C