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Hi everybody,

This a post that will have some elements updated at the beginning of each week. Please note that this post is ‘pinned’ to the top of the blog. Please scroll to below this post each weekday for your child’s remote learning activities.

The Early Years Curriculum is broad and full of opportunities for fun, play and adventure. In addition to the videos that are blogged each weekday to support your child’s home learning we really recommend that the children get busy playing to learn. A significant proportion of their time with us at school would be playing to learn both indoors and outside. We are sure that the children have lots of different things to play with and explore at home, but here are some suggestions:

Get some fresh air – encouraging the children to walk, run, and get out and about on their bike or scooter is great for their physical development and gross motor development too. It is also a great way of exploring the world around us, seeing the seasons change and what the weather is doing on any particular day.

Encouraging your child to get undressed and dressed themselves, talk about how we can stay healthy – including staying in their beds all night to help them to grow, how important it is to brush our teeth twice a day and that having a healthy, balanced diet is important too, maybe your child could help you to prepare a meal and use this as an opportunity for talk – this is something that will support their health and self care.

Fine motor control is a really important in Early Years and building up strength in your child’s wrists, hands and fingers helps them to then be able to hold a pen or pencil and write. Ideas for supporting this include: lego, duplo, threading, anything fine like ‘hama beads’, tap and hammer or even kneading bread dough or helping to make breadcrumbs when baking using flour and butter/marg. We don’t want anyone to go and buy anything extra, just work with whatever you have at home. Playdough is also a favourite, if you have some playdough at home then you could get your child involved in ‘Dough Disco’ which is lots of fun, please find a link for this below:

Playdough doesn’t have to be bought, it can be made too, here is a basic dough recipe to try out if you fancy it.

Here is a link to a series of duplo challenges too, the same could be achieved with lego bricks if you have those.

Do let us know and keep us posted with pictures if your child has a go at any of these challenges – we would love to hear how they get on.

Playing a game that you have at home is really good for attention and listening and also encouraging your child to take turns and share, this could be anything from snap, to snakes and ladders or any game that you currently have at home.


We will add two suggestions of ebooks that can be accessed via everyone should have log in details as we used this site during isolation and in blog posts after that point too. If for any reason you have misplaced it then please email your child’s class teacher and they will be able to help. You are more than welcome to explore titles that are different to our suggestions, our recommendations simply match up with the phonemes that your child will have been working on during home learning activities during a particular week.

Suggestions for this week are:

Blue Stars: Phase 2: Set 4 – Get Ant

Red Stars: Phase 3: Set 8 – Moths!

The words of the week this week are: went, like, on. In school we practise them using “my turn, your turn” in the same way we practise recognising phonemes. When we learn the words of the week we are just practising to read them by sight, not to write them…unless your child is really seeking a challenge!

There is also free access to during this lockdown period, the children really enjoy the games and activities on this site. Activities and games can also be tailored to the point in phonics that your child is working at. If you refer to the phonics session on the daily home learning videos that will tell you which point your child is up to. is also a lovely interactive game that encourages your child to read. This is free to access via a computer/laptop. During the last lock down this was offered temporarily as a free App, they have not declared this again during this lockdown but we will keep our eyes peeled and let you know if this does become the case.

Other useful Apps and links

Cbeebies have a selection of free Apps including a story time, get creative, and playtime island which includes a ‘Maddies Do You Know?’ game which is really interesting and supports the children’s development of Understanding the World which is part of the Early Years Curriculum.

We will update you with other apps and links if more become available, do let us know if you come across something great as we would love to be able to share them with everyone.

It is really important that you and your child are happy. Each day is different and comes with its own highs and lows. Try to enjoy learning together but also please make sure that you do something that makes you all happy each day if you can. We can get through this challenging time together. With this is mind, please do get in touch with your child’s class teacher via the class email addresses if you would like help, support or to share the home learning journey with us.

Take care and stay safe,

The Foundation Stage Team

Thursday 25th February

Hello everyone,

Here are the links for learning at home for today:


Blue Stars

Join in with Geraldine!

Red Stars


Session 4 Composition of 9 and 10

Can you have a go at making your own 10 picture using 10 dots to represent something? Perhaps you can make more than 1 picture showing different ways to make 10?

Challenge: Bill has 10 sweets, he gives 3 to Mary and 2 to George. How many sweets does he have left? How can you show me?


All About Lent – YouTube


Little Red Riding Hood – YouTube

Take care and stay safe,

The Foundation Stage Team

Hot Chocolate with the Headteacher

To all Bure Park children,

We are so looking forward to seeing you all back in two weeks, and the whole school being back together again as one big family! It is fantastic news. We have been proud of the way that you have all interacted well with us, both in school or with remote learning at home, and how hard you have worked  Well done! 

As a reward we ALL think that you have ALL earned “hot chocolate with the headteacher” at home! So over the next week we will deliver hot chocolate to you at home, or if you are in school you will take it home. Please enjoy this as you deserve it!!! This treat has kindly been sponsored by Finders Keepers Estate Agents who wanted, alongside us, to say well done and thank you to all children at Bure Park for being such stars over the last weeks.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday 8th March.


Mrs Hewson, all staff at Bure Park and Finders Keepers.

Wednesday 24th February

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Here are the links to learning for today:


Blue Stars

Red Stars

Can the children warm up their phonics brains up with this tricky word song before the session with Mrs Wright.


You could use these numeral cards or make your own. First order them from 1-10, then close your eyes while somebody else makes a change. Can you spot what they have changed? Take turns at being the person to swap the numeral cards.

Challenge: look at your number track, can you count backwards from 10? Can you do it without looking at the numbers?


In today’s session we are going to learn a simple song about Poor Old Mr. Wolf and his quest to make pancakes.

Poor Old Mr. Wolf – YouTube

Also, have a listen to this song from the 1980’s about a hungry wolf. Can you find the pulse of the song? Do you like it?

Duran Duran – Hungry like the Wolf (Official Music Video) – YouTube

The PE code for today is: ForSchools_AZJW


Do you know the Nursey Rhyme of Wee Willie Winkie? Here is a version of it as a song:

Wee Willie Winkie – Bing video

The Gingerbread Man – YouTube

We hope you have a super day.

Take care and stay safe,

The Foundation Stage Team

P.E. session with Paul Wood

Dear Parents/Guardians

I hope this message finds you safe and well during this challenging time. My name is Paul Wood and I am the chief instructor for Oxford Sport & Traditional Martial Arts, Oxfordshire’s largest martial arts club. On Tuesday 23rd February we will be providing all the children with a super fun PE lesson via a zoom link, whether they are currently at home or in school. We have a session running at 2:00pm for all the Key Stage 1 children and a session running at 2:30pm for all the Key Stage 2 children. The ID number and password to access the sessions are shown on the attached flyer.

The sessions will include skills based on focus, concentration, stranger awareness and self-defence, all in an energetic and fun format. Oxford Sport & Traditional Martial Arts have, for the health and mental well being of the children, continued to provide fun learning and fitness throughout this pandemic to each and every one of our members and we look forward to bringing our methods to the wider community and sharing this with your children.

We hope you can make it and look forward to seeing you on the 23rd February.

Kind regards

Paul Wood

Tuesday 23rd February

We are really looking forward to our live sessions this week. Don’t forget to email the class teachers for your child’s login details the day before the session if possible.

Here are the links for the home learning for today:


Blue Stars

Red Stars

Foe todays phonics please can the children watch this episode up until 8 minutes and 25 seconds and then choose one of the digraphs from the video (th, ck, ng, ai, ch, sh) and write as many words as they can think of that include that digraph. For a challenge they can repeat this with another digraph or two if they are feeling very energetic with their phonics learning today!


Click to access PDF-Building-9-10-Wk-1-Session-2-Representing-and-Sorting-9-and-10.pdf

These cards show different representations of 9 and 10, can you sort them? Or you can you make your own cards representing 9 and 10 for someone in your family to sort?

Challenge: would you rather have 9 sweets or 10 sweets? Why? Can you show me why?


As last week was pancake day, we challenge you to have some pancake races with your families. Simply cut out a paper pancake (you can decorate it if you like with yummy toppings) pop it into a frying pan and race! Who can make it across the garden the fastest? You could also challenge yourself to see if you can flip a pancake (or a wrap or a slice of bread works too!).

Here’s a fun go noodle to join in with: Boom Chicka Boom – Moose Tube | GoNoodle – Bing video


Chicken Licken – YouTube

Did you spot any familiar characters from yesterday’s story? Maybe you saw the main character from today’s story?

Take care and stay safe,

The Foundation Stage Team

World Book Day 4th March

Sadly, we cannot all be together to celebrate our favourite authors, stories and characters in our usual way this year. So, at a time when we cannot be together in school, we wanted to come together in a virtual way to share our collective love of reading.
In the spirit of this year’s theme ‘you can ready anytime, anywhere’ we are setting you a reading challenge. We would like you to take pictures of yourself reading in different and unusual places so that we can collate and share these pictures with everyone on World Book Day. You could try to get everyone at home involved in the challenge too!
Some ideas of unusual places you could use:
Reading outside
Reading at breakfast
Reading under a table
Reading while dressed as your favourite character
Reading upside down
Reading with a cuddly toy
Reading on zoom!
We are certain you will be able to think of many other creative and unusual places you can read and of course you could send more than one photo to be shared. Who knows, maybe some of your teachers will have found some unusual places to read too! We really can’t wait to see all the different and imaginative places that you find to enjoy your favourite books and we hope you enjoy this challenge too.
While you are celebrating at home you might still wish to dress up as one of your favourite characters or, you could make something to represent your favourite book. You could create a book in a jar, make a poster, decorate a story stone, write a book review or retell the story in a creative way. Your imagination is your only limitation!
Please could you make sure your photos are shared with your class teacher using your class email address by Friday the 26th February.

Your World Book Day book token (for £1 off of a book) will be emailed to you by the School office.

Thank you!